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Join us for a live audio talk on Gestalt and Learning.

Why do we –

1. wait for the next episode of our favorite show?

2. want to discover the end of an unfinished story?

3. make assumptions about people and situations?

4. see things that aren’t really there?

and how does all this connect to the beautiful process of content design and delivery?

This Saturday (June 25, 2022,) at 11 am, join me and my cohost Sangeeta Srinivasan for a talk on how we instructional designers can use the Gestalt Principles to make our content more appealing and effective.

Click here to join us.

If you are already on Clubhouse, join the Instructional Design Junction Club.

As always, we will start basic and go advanced, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard this term ever before. However, if possible, bring along a notebook and a pencil 🙂

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