This is quick “My POV Reference” for the terms that I’ve used in my posts. This glossary is being written alongside the posts. The goal of this glossary is to give the knowledge-hungry readers a quick foothold. The hike is yours alone . So this list is going to be quite chaotic.

Revel in chaos – step into the realm of design!

Affective Domain:

Pertains to feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and values.


A preference or prejudice (or a combination of these) formed without conscious reasoning.


A belief is an attitude strengthened to the extent of being as truth.

Cognitive Domain:

Pertains to cognitive tasks – such as memorization, information processing, storage, and retrieval.

Learned Helplessness:

A condition in which a human (or animal) behaves helplessly in situations where there’s a chance of helping oneself, due to prior unpleasant experiences.


A skill required “before” a new skill may be acquired.

Psychomotor Domain:

Pertains to physical action that may be automated with practice.

Role-Competency Match:

A match between the role that a person is expected to perform and his/her skills.


The ability or proficiency in the execution or performance of a specific art, craft, trade, or job.


An end to be achieved through a specific set of activities, within a given time-frame.


A trait is a distinguishing or defining characteristic in a person.

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