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Where Should you Start?

This is a blog and you can start anywhere – especially, you, who in all probability are an adult and so who would like to be self-directed. For those who don’t mind me poking my long beak (please refer to my photograph in the sidebar) into their self-directed quest, I have established a chronological path that could help you make the most of this blog.

As The Zen of Learning is about “scrupulously pondering over the wonderful phenomenon of learning,” we are going to indulge in a lot of “Reflective Observation” leading to “Abstract Conceptualization.” The scholars of Kolb’s Learning Cycle must right now be experiencing this burning desire to brand me a Reflector and a Theorist, but I assure you that all this reflection and abstraction has its roots in a lot of “Active Experimentation” and “Concrete Experience.”

So, in effect, if you follow my blog regularly, we’ll learn a lot from each other. Despite the blog-given convenience of changing topics with each post, I’ll stick to my belief in the schema theory (with the grand assumption that my readers would’ve read each post, starting right at the beginning,) and to some extent, while writing the new posts I’ll be falling back upon my previous posts and our earlier discussions.

Thus, the million-buck tip is – start at the beginning – at least for now:-)

The Schedule:

I intend to post twice a week. As far as I can see (and I am a confirmed myopic,)Tuesdays and Fridays!


A Quick Note on Comments:

Though I appreciate your need to comment on the posts, I believe that each comment that takes your precious time, should be attended to. Unfortunately my current schedule is absolutely unforgiving (it hasn’t permitted me a vacation in the past five years,) and I don’t expect to find the time that’s needed to do justice to your comments. For this reason, the Comments on the Posts aren’t on. When (please note the hope that reflects in my use of the term “when”) things change, I’ll definitely set them on.

However, I do expect that some readers might wish to connect with me. In such a case, do write to me at my email id – shafali…(dot)…anand…(at)…gmail…(dot)…com!) ( Please excuse me for torturing my email id – I hope it’s still recognizable. I suffer from a bad case of spamophobia!) I do receive a good number of emails in a day; so I’ll do my best to be as responsive as possible.


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