About Me:

Have you seen white egrets roosting upon the branches of the trees that line the ponds? If you have, you’ve probably also wondered what they seem to be so diligently pondering upon. For The Zen of Learning, I am that contemplative Egret who sits with its neck tucked between its shoulders, reflecting upon the what, how, and why of everything that it sees.

If you want to read about my professional alter ego – you’ll find some information here.

About This Blog:

Starting a blog is easy – sustaining and then nourishing it, isn’t. This fear of not being able to find time for the upkeep of it, kept me from starting one. I can’t say if the fear has left me completely, but I do feel that now I can at the very least, ensure that my readers would continually be served fresh fare. I haven’t made my mind up about the frequency of the servings, but I would definitely try to keep pace with the expectations of those discerning readers who decide to subscribe to this blog.

I call it The Zen of Learning, because I think that it is our ability to learn, unlearn, relearn, and even engage into an analysis of the modes and methods of learning, which differentiates humans from the other beings on this planet. The term Zen is defined as Religious Meditation (of course, the term is of Japanese origin.)

Religious = Scrupulously and conscientiously faithful
Meditation = to focus ones thoughts upon/reflect or ponder over

The Zen of Learning is about “scrupulously pondering over the wonderful phenomenon of learning.” Here I intend to narrate the outcomes of my scrupulous reflections over the what, why, and how of learning.


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